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C.J. Scharg

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C.J. Scharg


CJ Scharg began learning the drums with Mick Fernandez in 1992, while at the same time taking his first steps in the local scene with Mistic Glimmer, his first band, where C.J SCHARG began to play like a rock drummer. He played in numerous bands of the following years, until 1995 when he was recruited by Leonel Suite to join Psicotica and they recorded their first demo entitled Shout It Out Loud a nod to Paul Stanley, where not only did he play drums but also sang on the choruses and played the piano Psicotica ended in 1996 and Leonel and CJ decide reform Leonel's old band Suite 19, summoning bassist and Co-Founder of Suite 19, Martin Lou and Vocalist Jhonny. By the end of the year they had recorded their first E.P with all original songs. The material is published independently. In 1997 Ariel Belont joined the band as the new frontman and guitarist. By the end of 1998 they had record its first full length CD Generation Freak at Pampas Studios. The original batch of 2000 copies of Generation Freak was quickly sold out. Suite 19 appeared to be a great hard rock band. In 1999, they record their second album, which never is published. C.J SCHARG spends a time in Los Angeles, where he joined in a pop rock band called Blue Vinyl located in Hollywood. In the studio of Gilby Clarke they record their first E.P. where the song Under a BLUE SKY features Gilby playing leads. With the arrival of the year 2000 Blue Vinyl played the legendary Troubadour for a crowd of over 800 people. Having acquired an insurmountable level of experience in the Los Angeles scene, CJ decides its time to return to Argentina and to intensify his studies, where with the prestigious drummer and percussionist Daniel Volpini, he investigates other styles of drumming. In 2002, an old friend Ariel Belmont decides to record his first solo album, and enlists CJ to record Apologize to Yourself at Fanta studios. On this album C.J. Scharg demonstrates his versatility and ability to understand and to execute all types of music 2004 brings the release of Cronosiclos, CJ's solo album which was specifically written for percussion and drum in mind and was produced by Daniel Volpini. In 2005 CJ was recruited by Pink Snow, a friend he'd met in Los Angeles, to join her band Erocktica to tour Europe where he met Bassist Shelly Lynn and Guitarist Pontus J. Back. Together they brought Erocktica to a new level of rock. 2006 brought C.J. out to Latvia to play a festival in Riga with audience numbering in the 10's of thousands with Erocktica. Following that he filled in on Drums for Pontus J. Back's side band, the Rebel Vikings, with which he continued to tour Europe for the next couple months. Currently C.J. is back in Argentina where he is preparing to return to Europe where he will record on Erocktica's new album, Second Cuming as well as several upcoming tours with Erocktica.